The Stone Barn at Franklin Grove, IL
WELCOME TO THE STONE BARN       Stone Barn at Franklin Grove, IL 
The Stone Barn sits on the corner of Stone Barn Road and Daysville Road several miles north of Franklin Grove on what was first a 40-acre tract bought from the government on March 1, 1848 by Edward S. Hundson. It is surmised that the barn, an area landmark, was likely built by Hundson in the early to mid 1850's. The Stone Barn has outlasted the modes of farming and transportation that passed by it on the Daysville Road, a stage coach road in the 1830's from Peoria to Lee Center to Franklin Grove to Daysville and on to Oregon.
Welcome to The Stone Barn in Franklin Grove, IL viewfromroad stuffed chicken
Antique Signs Grinders
Antique Field Harvestors Monday was  clothes washing day!
Milk Seperator Scales, bottles
License Plates    Looking up at the loft
Collection of food grinders  Antique Press
Spitoon  antique tool collection
Wagon Wheel Womens Old Hats
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Very near The Stone Barn is the Franklin Creek - State Natural Area
With a working Grist Mill, hiking, horseback riding trails

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